Australian Origin Chocolate

Cacao, or Cocoa as most know it as, has been grown in North Queensland for over 20 years. One of the first areas to grow it in an orchard situation was Port Douglas over 15 years ago. It was then certified Organic status in 2010. A lot of hard work went in to making sure that the Cacao trees were fed the right nutrients and organic matter to keep them healthy. Unfortunately the introduction of an overseas pest caused big damage to later year harvests and measures of quarantine and pesticides used to rid the orchard of this pest meant that the organic certification has been ┬átaken away but steps are in place that will ensure the organic certification will be re-introduced.A big harvest before quarantine has enabled us to keep a relatively good supply of Certified Organic Cacao beans. It is these very Cacao beans we use in the “Port Douglas Chocolate”. Certified Organic Australian Cacao/Cocoa. Our Australian Origin Chocolate.

Fresh Cacao Pods from The North Queensland Chocolate Company