About our Chocolate

We do not use any animal products in our chocolate. We are the first company to grow, harvest and produce fully Australian Origin Chocolate here in our beautiful North Queensland region although ours is a relatively small operation. We are the only company, at the time of  writing, that do an unroasted Australian origin chocolate. Our process is unique to the industry. We do the full process from harvesting the cacao pods to lovingly creating our unique bean to bar chocolate. We do not use any cacao or cocoa powders in our chocolate. We use the Cacao beans we have harvested and we do the whole process here in NTH QLD                   The flavour has been said to be exceptional and many have said of our Australian origin chocolate that its the best chocolate they have tasted. All that ……and it is healthy for you too. is our aim. An exceptional and unique taste experience. Most importantly we wish to put a smile in peoples hearts and in some small way do the best we can to help make this a better world. For us, Kindness istheKey, the main ingredient, that will go into the company and into the Australian origin chocolate we make. We are not looking to be a huge international company,  we just wish to be able to provide true chocolate, true Australian origin chocolate without all of the “additives” that can seem to change the integrity of this “Food of the Gods”. It was called Food Of The Gods for a reason.Please be aware that all the cacao beans we use have not been roasted. We do have a fully 100% Raw Chocolate that has no sweetener added to it. The sweetener we use in the sweetened chocolate is a small amount of our very own grown evaporated green sugar mixed with certified organic rapidura, evaporated cane juice and or Certified organic Evaporated Coconut flower nectar. This is unfortunately at this time not a raw product but hopefully soon there will be a fully raw sweetener product made available that will suit the chocolate process..More info Coming SOON.